Friday, October 23, 2009

Rasmussen attempts the completion of an overlooked Schumann-sketch recently made public.

In mid-September I became aware - through Alex Ross' blog "The Rest is Moise" - that Paul E. Green and the pianist Fred Moyer had made some Schumann-sketches for a 4th piano sonata available to the public. And done so in an exemplary manner by presenting not only Schumann's own manuscript but also a deciphered version of his handwriting and a splendid performance of the existing material by mr. Moyer.

The manuscript consists mainly of a sketch, "agitato", for a finale - so extensive that a completion seemed to me possible. So six minutes of up to now unknown, dramatic music by Schumann from 1839 can now be heard as a musically meaningful whole.

Read the fascinating story about how a Schumann-sketch turns up in the US, read the music and hear mr. Moyer's interpretation of the sketch. Together with my attempted completion as sheet music and in a audio version using Sibelius software.

On Fred Moyer's site here.

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