Friday, August 15, 2008

Selected discography

Barcarole, piano - Bridge BCD 9073
Continuo, flute and guitar - BARBA 1994
Contrary Dances, piano - Bridge BCD 9073
Four -Five, brassquintet - PAULA PACD 82
Italian Concerto, chamberensemble - dacapo 8.224008
Movements on a Moving Line, sinfonietta - dacapo 8.224095
Movements on a Moving Line, chamber version - Bridge BCD 9054
Preludes and Postludes, piano - Bridge BCD 9073
Solos and Shadows, string quartet - dacapo 9002
Surrounded by Scales, string quartet - dacapo 9002
A symphony in Time, orchestra - DCCD 9010
Sinking through the Dream Mirror, violin concerto - dacapo 8.224095
Three Friends, sinfonietta - dacapo 8.224095
Healthy Mad Cows, jazz group - Cowbell Music
Trauergondol, piano trio - dacapo 8.226503
Twin Dream, chamber ensemble - Classico, CLASSCD 630

The Ballad of Game and Dream - dacapo - 8.224203-04
This collection of recordings with The Elsinore Players include:
A Ballad of Game and Dream, Italian Concerto, Berio Mask, Pianissimo Furioso, Fugue (for clarinet, vibraphone and piano), Love is in the World (soprano, guitar and percussion), Liederkreis (two voices and five instruments), Lonesome (guitarist), Strain (piano).

NB. Værkliste, se/List of works, see official biography in profile

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